Rules Index

By playing on 3 Rustketeers, you agree to our list of rules.
If you break the rules, there is a risk of being muted, kicked, or banned. Last edit: 10/7/2020.

General Rules

  • Racist, sexist, and NSFW content is not tolerated (EVEN IN TEAM CHAT).
  • The use of hacks, cheats, scripts, exploits, macros, etc. is NOT allowed.
  • Do NOT spam the chat, post anything malicious, or advertise.
  • No abusing game exploits, such as getting into rocks or walls.
  • Threats or incidents of DDoS attacks/doxing/real life threats will not be taken lightly - you will be completely removed from the 3R community, forever.
  • Respect all staff members; they are here to help. Impersonating any staff will result in a ban.
  • Rust is a toxic game, but if you are here to be an asshole then you should find a different server to play on. Harassment is not tolerated.
  • Do not @ staff members repeatedly, and use Discord channels for their specific purpose.

Teaming Rules

  • 3 Rustketeers is a solo/duo/trio server. This means the group limit is strictly three (3).
  • Cross-teaming/allying is when you assist or team with another group with raiding or combat. If you do this, you will receive a ban that will last at least 2 weeks.
  • Being neutral is allowed, however, players who are not in your team are not allowed to enter your base safely. Having 'slaves' is not allowed - other players who work for you count as teammates. There must be a proper exchange of service if you want someone to help you.
  • When changing teammates, you MUST change all door codes, break the ex-teammate's bag, kill them, and kick them from the team UI. Failing to complete these steps may result in a ban.
  • Being neutral with other groups is allowed, but you are NOT allowed to raid together, take monuments together, roam together, take heli/cargo together, etc. (basically, don't become too friendly with your neighbors).
  • Trading is permitted, as long as the meetup is brief and there is no cross-teaming in the event of a fight breaking out.
  • Hotels, parties, etc. are allowed, as long as there is no cross-teaming in the event of a fight breaking out. You may be flagged as being in a group larger than 3, so scatter if you are.

Account Requirements

  • No Steam accounts younger than 14 days old are allowed.
  • Proxy/VPN connections are not allowed; if you would like to play on a proxy/VPN, you must join our Discord and request to be allowed to join - use the #support-ticket channel.
  • Having a VAC/game ban younger than 90 days old is not allowed.
  • Having a EAC/VAC/game banned alt account is not allowed.
  • Joining using a different account after you have been banned, aka ban evading, is not allowed.
  • Associating (mainly teaming) with cheaters is not allowed.