Rules Index

By playing on 3 Rustketeers, you agree to our list of rules.
If you break the rules, there is a risk of you being muted, kicked, or banned. Last edit: 08/04/2022.

General Rules

  • 1) Rust is known to be a toxic game, however, stepping over the line to the point of harassment will result in punishment. Be careful with your words.
  • 2) Threatening to DDoS, dox, or leak sensitive/personal information IS NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban from all 3R servers.
  • 3) Hacking, cheating, exploiting, macroing, and scripting IS NOT allowed.
  • 4) Griefing and walling off player-made structures and map monuments IS allowed, except for Outpost. Any walls around Outpost will get deleted without any warning or material refunds.
  • 5) Stream-sniping an online streamer IS allowed. It is up to the streamer to take precautions to curb snipers.

Chat Rules

  • 1) Spamming (repeatedly sending the same message(s) in chat) IS NOT allowed.
  • 2) Sending or creating racist/sexist/discriminatory/NSFW messages or content IS NOT allowed.
  • 3) Advertising or posting malicious links IS NOT allowed.
  • 4) Publicly hackusating (accusing another player of cheating) IS NOT allowed. If you suspect that another player is cheating, please use [F7] or the ''/report'' command to properly report them.
  • 5) Setting your username to a blacklisted word or phrase IS NOT allowed. If caught, we will require you to close Rust, change your Steam name, and rejoin the server if you wish to return and play.
  • 6) Criticizing 3 Rustketeers and its features and decisions made by staff members IS allowed. We welcome suggestions and ask that criticism is constructive.
  • 7) Attempting to impersonate staff IS NOT allowed.

Teaming Rules

  • 1) Each of our servers has a set team limit. It is up to you to read the description of whichever 3R server you are playing to know the max group limit. Solo means one, duo means two, trio means three, and quad means four.
  • 2) Cross-teaming/allying/helping another team (even if you are solo) IS NOT allowed. This applies to combat, raids, and roaming situations.
  • 3) Being neutral with other groups IS allowed, however, players who are not on your team are not allowed to be let inside of your base intentionally.
  • 4) Having other players gather items for you at no cost, or having players as ''slaves'' IS NOT allowed.
  • 5) Swapping out teammates to bring in new ones IS allowed, however, you must remove them from the team UI and clan, change every single code that was shared with them, break any of their respawn points (e.g. bags), and kill them if their player model is asleep inside of the base.
  • 6) Constantly cycling through teammates multiple times per day IS NOT allowed and will result in punishment.
  • 7) Teaming with other groups IS NOT allowed, even when your main group is offline.
  • 8) Trading IS allowed, however, trading must either be done through a quick player-to-player meetup, using a metal shop front, using a vending machine, or at a safe zone (such as Outpost).
  • 9) Building a hotel or hosting a party IS allowed, however, be advised that our anti-cheat systems will detect this (if players exceed the group limit). If a combat situation breaks out, everyone must either fight each other, scatter, or accept death. No cross-teaming is allowed at any time. Be careful.

Account Requirements

  • 1) Steam accounts created 14 or fewer days ago ARE NOT allowed to join by default. Any player who wants to play on 3 Rustketeers with a fresh account will need to join our Discord and make a support ticket to be whitelisted.
  • 2) Having a VAC/EAC/game ban 90 or fewer days IS NOT allowed. Attempting to join with any of these bans will result in an automatic 7 day ban from 3 Rustketeers.
  • 3) Having a VAC/EAC/game ban 180 or fewer days on an alternate account IS NOT allowed. Attempting to join 3 Rustketeers with a recent ban will result in an automatic 14 day ban from 3 Rustketeers.
  • 4) Playing on a proxy/VPN connection IS allowed, however, be warned that you may be temporarily banned for investigation. If this happens, you may need to temporarily join the server you were playing on with your real IP.
  • 5) Joining 3 Rustketeers using a different account after you have been banned, AKA ban evading, IS NOT allowed.
  • 6) Associating (mainly teaming) with cheaters and banned players IS NOT allowed.